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Where we are today



At present, TBC consists of about 25 people who gather for Sunday worship (10:30 am) and other special events. Meetings take place at the church building located at the southeast corner of Cockshutt Road and Concession 13 (map) just 11 km from the town centre of Simcoe in Norfolk County.


The people of the church have a desire to grow both in their own personal spiritual development but also in terms of numbers of those committed to ministry.


With the present small numbers, we can’t offer an array of family programs but could it be that you are looking for a place to worship where you can discover and exercise your gifts for ministry?


Or perhaps you have had some church experience in your background and you are looking for a safe place in which to explore more about what God has in store for you.


We really believe the most important decision a person can make (and needs to make) is to come into a personal relationship with God through accepting Jesus as one's own Saviour and Lord. You can learn more about this through these links:



Of course, you can always find out more about the love that God has for you by joining with us for worship or through one of our other community events.